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  • The Journal of Southwest Petroleum University (Science &Technology Edition), formerly known as the Journal of Southwest Petroleum Institute, was found in 1960. It is an academic periodical which is approved by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Press and Publication Administration, sponsored by Southwest Petroleum University, issued publicly at home and abroad, mainly publishes petroleum science and technology papers. In November 2008, approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, the Journal of Southwest Petroleum University (Science &Technology Edition) officially issued the International Standard Serial Number ISSN 1674-5086, National Unity CN 51-1718/C.
    The Journal of Southwest Petroleum University (Science &Technology Edition), as one of the Chinese core periodicals, got the first prize for the excellent periodical of the Ministry of Education in 2004 and got the title of the Chinese college excellent periodical in 2008. It is included in the famous foreign databases Elsevier, the American Petroleum Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts, Cambridge Science Abstracts, Russia Abstract Journal, Japan Science and Technology community database, as well as the domestic large scale database CPA, the Chinese academic journal (CD), China Science and Technology Statistics and Analysis, Chinese Science Citation Database and China Petroleum Abstracts.
    The Journal of Southwest Petroleum University (Science &Technology Edition) mainly publishes the creative and innovative academic and technical papers and the basic theory research papers in oil expertise fields. The discussion and contending of frontier issues highlight the new theories, new methods, new crafts and new technologies in oil and gas industry. It covers geological exploration, oil and natural gas engineering, oil and gas chemical engineering and chemical industry, oil and mechanical engineering, PhD Review and discussion and contending sections. It is the ideal platform where teachers and students in colleges, scientific researchers in Academy and petroleum scientific and technical workers publish research results, exchange information and draw academic essence.
    Under the guide of the university party committee and university administration, and with the joint efforts of the previous editorial board, editorial board members and authors, the Journal of Southwest Petroleum University (Science &Technology Edition) sticks to the correct direction of the running of journal ; follows the guidelines of the National Science and Technology Development, to organize journals widely, and edit carefully; pursues the concept of staying realistic and pragmatic, and timely and accurately reports the scientific and technological achievements in the petroleum industry area, which enriches the knowledge of petroleum technology and has won a good reputation in academic circles and periodical circles.
    The Journal of Southwest Petroleum University (Science &Technology Edition) is a bimonthly publication. Welcome enterprises, institutions and individuals to subscribe our journal.
    Address: Science &Technology editorial office of the journal center, Southwest Petroleum University, Hindu district, Chengdu, Sichuan province.
    Postcode: 610500
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