Journal of Southwest Petroleum University(Science & Technology Edition) ›› 2024, Vol. 46 ›› Issue (2): 125-134.DOI: 10.11885/j.issn.1674-5086.2022.06.23.02

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A Study on Comprehensive Treatment of Low Efficiency Wells in Offshore Oilfield with High Water Cut and High Recovery Stage

WANG Xinran1, WANG Yanxia2, WANG Xiaochao2, DENG Jingfu1, LI Hongying1   

  1. 1. CNOOC China Limited, Tianjin Branch, Tanggu, Tianjin 300459, Chinapar;
    2. CNOOC EnerTech-Drilling & Production Company, Tanggu, Tianjin 300452, China
  • Received:2022-06-23 Published:2024-05-11

Abstract: X Oilfield is a typical water flooding oilfield after chemical flooding in Bohai Sea, which had entered the high water cut and high recovery stage. In order to solve that gradually increasing low production and low efficiency wells and the treatment difficulty during the development and production process. By studying the factors such as sedimentary microfacies, formation physical property parameters, remaining oil tapping history, development mode change, injection-production well pattern adjustment, and stimulation measures, we conclude that the causes of low efficiency wells include abnormal water cut rise caused by reservoir conditions, energy reduction caused by imperfect well pattern, and sand production of production wells after screen fracturing. Classified treatment research has been carried out for low efficiency wells with different causes, and treatment measures such as regional flow field adjustment, layered system development, and subsidy for sand control screen have been put forward. The field practice from 2020 to 2021 shows that through the implementation of targeted treatment measures for 12 low efficiency wells in X Oilfield, the average peak daily oil increase of a single well reaches 18 m$^3$, and it is predicted that the cumulative oil increase will be achieved within the effective period of treatment by 21$\times$10$^4$ m$^3$, the low efficiency well treatment technology of the oilfield effectively releases the production capacity of the reservoir, which can provide reference for the low efficiency well treatment of similar offshore oilfields.

Key words: high water cut and high recovery stage, low efficiency well, cause analysis, classified treatment, field practice, offshore oilfield

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